About Us

Hardy Partners Translation Services Limited

Hardy Partners is an emerging translation firm committed to providing financial, business and legal translation services. The Company, with its extensive business sources, is well-positioned to serve financial institutions, law firms, news agencies, financial printers, fund houses, investment banks, PR firms as well as individual clients with business demands.

We specialize in Chinese-English translation of prospectus, financial reports, circulars, announcements, articles of investment funds and articles of association, investment reports, contracts and agreements, press release, PR and marketing texts, internal communications and mining consultation files for listed companies.

Since establishment, the company has experienced swift growth in business, human resources and reputation in the past 4 years. To date, Hardy Partners has translated disclosure documents such as financial reports, circulars and announcements for more than 300 listed companies and completed prospectus translation for more than 20 IPOs.

Equipped with solid translation expertise, we enforce meticulous and well-established process control and practice a client-oriented corporate value, striving to provide quality, efficient and reliable business translation.

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